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Expedition to Gabon

Gabon's nature is overwhelming, most of it is formed by virgin jungle and pristine beaches. Meanwhile we have done many great expeditions in this country, which is still relatively unknown. In the interior the world is green, interspersed with water. Villages and roads are scarce. However, jungle elephants and buffalo are to be found as well as many types of primate, such as the gorilla. To spy on them takes peace and perseverance. But on the coast this is easier; wildlife can be seen earlier and from a greater distance.

So for the third time we are going to visit Loango National Parc ending with a sea-safari near Libreville where humpback whales pass by in august (trip in detail). In 2005 and 2007 we have been in Loango as well. It will not be as heavy as that last particular time, but a good condition is necessary.

Update 3 march: we are complete!

Special challenge this time will be the spotting of "surfing hippos", we came close before!

Just a bit too far still, see video Nick Nichols' famous photo

The Langoué bai in the Ivindo National Park we have visited twice, last time to await the animals with lots of patience and to spy on them, the previous time during our Ivindo trip of 2009.

At the Langoué bai Gorilla family in the bai

In our expeditions we are accompanied by people who know the forest from childhood. The World Wildlife Fund, the World Conservation Society or the Figet (see links) have advised us regularly. They want to promote ecotourism in the region. Our purpose is to go for it with a group of 6 to 8 enthusiastic participants. That said, we do't want to deny anyone our previous experiences: for example how to tame an elephant or how to stalk an elephant.