Trip itinerary

From day to day the trip looks as follows:

Day 1. Departure from Schiphol in the evening. The night flight with Lufthansa requires a change in Frankfurt.

Day 2. Arrival in Libreville in the morning. During the day we will stay in hotel Tropicana, which is situated on the beach and also known for its good kitchen. In the afternoon we will take a domestic flight with Air Service to Gamba. In Gamba we will be received by the people of the WWF. They will bring us to the bungalows of Missala Lodge in Sette Cama by 4x4.

Dag 3. Sette Cama is the edge of the Loango National Parc. Here we prepare ourselves calmly, check out the environment and get introduced to our guides.

Dag 4 - 6. Today the expedition really takes off. We are transferred to the most southern point of Loango by boat. The first 3 days we follow the trail of the so-called "boucle", a horse-shoe like loop going landward. Every day around four o'clock we will set up our camp.

Dag 7. The task is to cut through the forest in the direction of the sea at the level of Petit Loango.

Dag 8 - 12. For a few days we keep onto a certain daily schedule of beach walking, spying around carefully and preparing camp timely. Depending on our progress we may even decide to have a days' rest in order to go out for a day without carrying a backpack.

Dag 13. Back again at our starting point in Loango we will be picked up by the WWF people. By boat and by 4x4 we will return to Gamba. On the way we will visit the little museum near the official entrance of the parc. In Gamba we will stay at the main establishment of hotel Missala, which has a swimming pool.

Dag 14. Today we are travelling back to Libreville by domestic flight and stay at the Tropicana hotel again.

Dag 15. We are going to the little port of Port Michèle Marine and will be meeting Frenchman Patrick Duffy, who has been at sea for all his life. With his boat we stand out to sea and with a bit of patience and attention we shall be seeing humpback whales, an impressive experience.

Dag 16. We take our time, the last day, to recover. For those who wish to, we can visit the large Mont-Bouët market in Libreville. The beach at the Tropicana is also an attractive alternative. In the evening we depart Gabon, again with a night flight.