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Luggage, clothing, equipment

  • Rucksack, not too large, 50 litres maximum.
  • Mattress, sheet sleeping bag.
  • A head net to protect you from forest bees and a cap or hat to put the net over.
  • Regarding clothing, it is advisable to take a day set and an evening set. The day set is for the actual walking; it will get wet and must be strong (trousers that can be fastened at the ankles to keep out snakes and insects, a shirt with long sleeves). The 'evening clothes' remain clean and can be put on as soon as we have made camp.
  • Walking boots, preferably made of synthetic materials, because your feet will get wet every day and leather dries very slowly.
  • A watertight belt (or a normal belt with a zipped plastic bag) for crucial items such as passports, air tickets, credit cards and money.
  • For sensitive photographic and video equipment we advise plastic boxes with silica gel (damp absorbent).
  • NOT useful: rainwear (you will get wet anyway), wellington boots (just fill with water), mosquito net. Regarding the latter, there are hardly any mosquitos in the jungle, a mosquito repellent containing DEET works adequately.

Travel documents

Your passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months after your return. Also a visa is required for Gabon. This costs €100 and is obtained from the Gabon Embassy in Brussels or Berlin. Transjungle can obtain the visa for you via the visa office in Amsterdam for the extra cost of €25 per visa. You will be sent the form to apply for the visa and you must return it completed, together with passport photos and your passport.


Regarding vaccinations and malaria prevention, please consult the following information centres:

Protection against malaria is required of course, but a personal first-aid kit should also contain: plasters, talcum powder, something for diarrhoea (loperamide), pain killers (paracetamol), mosquito repellent (DEET), sun cream. Do not forget to take your vaccination certificates and blood group information.


There is no insurance included in the price. Transjungle is not liable for the costs of sickness, accident, lost or damaged luggage and the return trip. The traveller participates at his own risk. Similarly, no liabilities are assumed for damages which were caused by fellow travellers or a third person. It is a condition of booking that all travellers take out sufficient insurance for the above named risks.